lovelikebullets's Journal

[laying beside her in a grave of insecurities]
23 December
cry me a river.
1980, 21, 7 angels 7 plaques, 80's music, angry, animation, anime, arcades, art, as the sun sets, assgarbage, bandana's, bands, beanies, being an ass, bjork, black, bleach, bling bling, blues, bob marley, bradley nowell, bright eyes, brother's keeper, bumpin systems, buried alive, buryyourdead, buttons, cd's, cell phones, checks, chillin with my crew, chinstraps, ciggarettes, cky2k, cloudy days, comics, converge, crazyiness, cynicism, dillenger escape plan, dirty looks, disqusted looks, double bass, driving around, dvd's, ebonics, emo, evergreen terrace, every time i die, fall, food, good times, gray, guitar, guys, hardcore, hating you, hats, ho's, hoodies, hot user pics, hotornot, html, hugs, hyperactivity, jackass, jazz, lamenting, laughing, laughingatyou, lounging, macho man savage, malls, martyr ad, marvel vs capcom, marvel vs capcom 2, medestroyingyou, megaman, menthol, messes, metal, mix tapes, money, mosh, mullets, music, my room, new clothes, nirvana, nofx, norma jean, notes, ntrackstudio, online fights, photography, pittsburg, playstation, punk, random journals, reading, red, ride or die, ruff ryders, sad, sarcasm, scarfs, scene queens, screaming, screamo, shopping, skateboarding, sketches, sonic youth, spaz, stretching ears, sublime, tattoos, the beatles, the goonies, thermal longjohns, thift stores, tough girls, tough guys, transformers, trouble, tums, tv, unrequited love, video games, vintage baseball shirts, walking around, warm rainy days, watching saturday morning cartoons, water, web cameras, webpages, white, wit, writing, zines