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[laying beside her in a grave of insecurities]'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
[laying beside her in a grave of insecurities]

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well... [07 Dec 2002|10:26pm]
Sorry kids, but for the next couple of days i'm stepping away from my computer and online. I need a break from everything influencing me in one way or another, it would just be best for me this way. So if you don't see any updates or even if i'm online or not. I'm sorry. This is for my sanity to save.

Everything is just too crazy right now, ya heard?

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OH for those who don't know... [05 Dec 2002|10:24pm]
This journal is friends only, on behalf of a few things that I won't mention. If you have a journal, and you find my interests interesting, or you just want to know more about me in general please feel free to add me. It's a exclusive club that only cool kids know about. Hahaha just kidding, it's just a journal. But if you want me to add you, randon goers of my journal, comment on this entry and I will gladly add you. (After careful background check and various piss tests) Just kidding.

Thanks for your time.

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alright kids... [27 Nov 2002|05:49pm]
this journal is now becoming friends only.
after pawning over the idea all day, i've come to realize that people i don't want to read this journal and still access it. so, not only did i make up coming entries friends only, but past too.

i am burning my bridges, dan i don't want to see you again unless it's in the obituaries or on the side of a fucking milk carton.

[ 8people ate shit ] [ don't hurt me, ever. ]

wha? [24 Oct 2002|03:58pm]
first of all, i know you can read this so i'm only going to tell you this once.

stop leaving messages on my phone. period. i don't want to hear from you and i don't really care if you hate me, you've made it obviously clear, and it's really not going to change anything. so much for you changing for the better i guess. it was all a front i can see now, maybe some elaborate plot to hurt me or something. it's alright though, cause i'm through with the both of you, in fact all of you.

i met chris last night. he's everything i wanted in a guy for a while, something other ex's couldn't have EVER given me. yes i'm saying this to spite you because i know you won't stop. but i don't care anymore. i'm happy. in this juncture of my life, i'm happy. RIGHT NOW.

i want to see him again very soon, chris. i suppose i'll have to wait until the movie comes out to see him, but i want everything to be perfect, and i know he'll make it that way.

perfect. nothing could be better right now, except i'm tired, but it was worth it, boo. it was worth it.
[ don't hurt me, ever. ]

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